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Hola Madrid!

We're live!

Madrid, Spain, is the latest addition to our ever-expanding global network. 

Last month, we installed a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the second biggest city in the EU. It's our first PoP in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula overall. 

A presence in Madrid will help reach thousands of people in the region; handy when Spain is proving to be one of the biggest countries in the global gaming market and a burgeoning tech hub. 

We're excited to be improving connections to regional users through our 100Gbit connection to Paris. Plus, we'll be connecting Madrid to our African PoPs, Luanda and Johannesburg. 

Madrid is just one of many new locations being added to our network map in 2020. has experienced unparalleled growth over the last quarter, with many more expansions close to opening or already in the works. 

With now over 35 locations worldwide, we provide one of the top networks in the world for the deployment of applications with a need for low latency and continuity. We want to assure our customers with continuous and excellent connectivity by constantly strengthening and expanding our network.

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