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The Advantages

  • Colocation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Scalable network capacity, full duplex
  • Multiple connectivity options versus on-premise limited connectivity
  • No expensive office space needed for server room
  • No hidden costs
  • High-end security
  • Uptime SLAs
  • Contained hot and cold corridors
  • 234 Gbit/s transatlantic network
  • Centralized, off-site backups
  • Remote hands on-site 7 days a week
  • Optimized environment for longer life of your investment
  • Disaster recovery capabilities
  • Failover capabilities

Colocation in our Datacenters offers colocation services since 2004 and built the SmartDC datacenter in 2009. SmartDC is 36,000 sq ft in size and located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Colocation at provides a cost-effective and safe environment for your critical hardware and software. offers managed and unmanaged custom colocation that supports your business-critical systems with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cooling, carrier-neutral connectivity, fire detection and fire extinguishing systems. By default, all our colocation solutions include multiple gigabit (1,000 mbit) network uplinks, adding redundant networking to your infrastructure. Starting at half a rack (secured) our solutions also include a power distribution unit (PDU) and IP addresses. Sufficient cooling capacity, extensive connectivity and large power generators are the basis of our 99.99% uptime SLA for all our colocation services. Guaranteed availability and management are our expertise.

Colocation Offering


Full Racks (46U)

Datacenter Cages & Suites

The SmartDC Advantages

  • ISO/IEC 27001 compliant datacenter
  • CDSA audited on Content Security & Protection
  • Direct-carrier connections to Level3, NTT, Cogent, NL-IX, Colt and many more
  • Local providers include KPN, Tele2, Interoute, BT
  • Direct fiber-connections to EUNetworks, Eurofiber, Relined and many more
  • State-of-the-art cooling systems with a PUE of 1.1
  • 100% local, sustainable and renewable power sources
  • 12 megawatt power supply
  • Maximum capacity of 2,000 racks
  • Sophisticated two-tier fire-detection system in every suite
  • The largest carrier-neutral data center in the Rotterdam area

Datacenter & Network owns and operates 36,000 ft² datacenter in Rotterdam: SmartDC carrier-neutral datacenter. The 36,000 ft² SmartDC datacenter is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We use award-winning adiabatic cooling techniques to reach a PUE of 1.1. SmartDC is a carrier-neutral datacenter scaling and building out on a unique modular concept. This allows us to customize each and every suite to the needs of our clients and offer an incredible amount of flexibility to our colocation offering. Whether you are building a small-scale environment or require a large-scale private suite for a high-density environment, we will be able to tailor our offering to your wishes. The network (AS49544) provides our colocation network connectivity: a transatlantic network with a capacity of over 234 Gbit/s. The network is redundantly connected to multiple premium transit-providers and over 1,600 peers.

high density hosting
High Density Hosting
brocade routers
Brocade Routers
cold corridor
Cold Corridor
hot corridor
Hot Corridor Certification

The goal of CDSA is to secure intellectual property in all areas of business operations.
The Content Delivery & Security Association developed the first, independent and impartial certification system of international standards, collectively referred to as CDSA's Anti-Piracy and Compliance Programs (APCP).

Download the CDSA certificate of compliance that has been awared to
- CDSA Certificate

Read more about the CDSA program:
- CDSA Audit & Certification
ISO / IEC 27001
Our datacenter SmartDC is certified on the ISO/IEC 27001 international standard for data security.
This standard focuses on developing, implementing, monitoring and improving ISMS (Information Security Management System), a system for managing and controlling information.